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Well Drilling

Rotary drilled rock or gravel screened wells are expertly constructed for home, farm and industry. Weslow Water Systems Inc. has the ability to construct any size well for you in an efficient and professional manner at a competitive price.


How Wells are Drilled

There are three major steps involved in constructing a water supply system: Drilling and installing the casing, developing the well, installing the pumping equipment.

1) An oversized hole is drilled into the earth, (rock or overburden). This depth varies with each well drilled. The DNR has specific laws in place to address how this is done and how deep each upper enlarged bore hole should be. The well casing pipe is then set into the hole to block off undesirable material or poor water quality.

A drill bit is then lowered into the casing and engaged. A smaller sized bore hole (the lower bore hole) is then drilled to varying depths until water enters the well. When sufficient water is obtained the drilling process stops.

2) Well development consists of removing the drill cuttings and fluids from the well to make the water suitable for use. A well that has been properly drilled and developed, is disinfected with chlorine and pumped for capacity then a water sample is taken. This water is then tested for bacteria and nitrates. A document stating the water is SAFE should be included in the packet to the owner.

3) The last step involves the installation of the water delivery system. The pump and related components are matched to the home owner’s requirements and desires. The building water demands including lawn sprinkling system or out buildings all play an important part in the sizing and longevity of your system. there are many different quality systems available. Do not let a company that thinks it knows pumps, control this stage of the process. Let Weslow Water Systems with their 60 plus years in business go to work for you